About the Plan

Originally developed in 1998, the Interregional Transportation Strategic Plan (ITSP) is a statewide planning document that provides guidance for the identification and prioritization of interregional transportation projects on California’s highways and passenger rail corridors.

In 2015 Caltrans updated the ITSP to include a statewide reassessment of how Caltrans plans and prioritizes interregional transportation improvements. It included an evaluation of the sustainability, economic viability, and resiliency of the interregional transportation system.

Click here to view maps of the Strategic Interregional Corridors and Priority Facilities as identified in the 2015 Plan.

The 2021 ITSP aims to continue its commitment with regional agencies to improve the interregional transportation system through the following objectives:

  • Provide a safe and secure interregional transportation system.
  • Eliminate interregional transportation burdens across all communities, particularly low-income communities, communities of color and people with disabilities.
  • Advance climate stewardship and resilience of the interregional system.
  • Improve multimodal mobility and access to interregional destinations for all users.
  • Enhance environmental health and reduce negative transportation impacts of the interregional transportation system.
  • Maintain a resilient, high-quality interregional transportation system.